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CheerMe is a customer loyalty program software that is designed to empower your business by encouraging your customers to make more purchases and establishing a long-lasting relationship with them.


Delight your customers by giving them exclusive points on performing actions on your website/app that add value to your business. You can also decide what rewards they will receive against the earned points. For example, a 10% discount for 200 points.




Segment and organize your customers in different tiers according to their purchase history or the points they have earned. For instance, customers having 500 points will belong to tier 1, and the customers having 1000 points will belong to tier 2. Thus, they will be able to enjoy the perks and benefits depending on their tier rank.



Turn loyal customers into your partner in success by gifting them points on referring your brand to their kith and kins. It will help you expand your customer base through word of mouth – the best ever marketing tool.


How It Works

CheerMe Registration

Feed your basic business information like name, email, website URL, and platform type to sign up on CheerMe.

CheerMe Installation

Install the CheerMe plugin from your store’s Admin panel quickly. Check our integrations to know more.

CheerMe Integration

Copy the public and private keys from CheerMe Dashboard and paste them into the plugin installed in your store’s Admin panel to launch your loyalty program.

Features of our Customer Loyalty Program Software


Add Multiple Actions to Boost Your Customer Engagement

Create an extensive list of actions to incentivize your customers with points for on-site actions right from sign up to purchase. You can also specify how much points a customer will earn for completing a particular action, such as 5 points for placing an order, 10 points for signing up. These actions determine how often customers will purchase from your brand and the success of your customer loyalty program.

CheerMe - Customer Loyalty Program Solutions
CheerMe - Customer Loyalty Program Software


Set Up Exceptional Rewards Customers Couldn’t Resist

Reward programs tailored to customer preferences are more likely to entice them to place an order. You can create custom rewards for your customers that they can redeem using the earned points. Additionally, our platform allows you to set a different icon for each reward and enable/disable rewards anytime.

CheerMe - Customer Loyalty Program Software


Design Loyalty Program as Enticing as your Website/App

Using our fully-customized customer loyalty program solution, you can decide how your loyalty program will appear on your website/mobile app and design it according to your business theme. For example, you can change theme style, font and banner color, layout, content, etc.

CheerMe- Branding PopUp
CheerMe - Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Integrate eCommerce Loyalty Program into your Mobile App

Besides a website, you can embed your eCommerce Loyalty Program's pop-up on your mobile application seamlessly. This will enable you to approach and retain more customers as they are more likely to shop or buy products on an app rather than a website.

CheerMe - Mobile SDK

Alexa Integration

Innovate your Program with Alexa

Alexa integration allows your customers to ask questions to the voice-enabled assistant using pre-defined utterances and get quick responses. These utterances may include: • Alexa, tell me the points I have. • Alexa, how I can claim rewards. This will not only cheer your customers but also help you to stand out from the competition, thus resulting in a win-win situation.

CheerMe - Alexa Integration
CheerMe - API Access Integration

API Access

You can access our API/documentation from the Admin panel to know how you can integrate your website with our system. With API, your developers can automatically add your customers to the Admin Panel.

Don’t have a technical team? Worry not!Being one of the best loyalty program providers, we provide a dedicated technical support team that can help you to integrate CheerMe into your website/mobile app.

CheerMe - API Access Integration