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5 Ways to Reward Customers for the Actions They Perform

Loyalty programs encourage customers to shop at your online store, collect loyalty points, and win rewards. Reports say that customers who participate in a loyalty program contribute to generating 12%-18% more revenue for retailers than customers who don’t. So, big brands like Pepsi have started to expand their program to reward customers way beyond purchases. The company now gives loyalty points when customers interact with the brand or perform specific actions.


Like these biggies, you can also leverage customer loyalty program solutions to engage your customers and make them feel valued. Here are some of the actions for which you can reward your customers.


Signing Up

Rather than welcoming new customers with a blank slate, offer them exclusive points for signing up and starting a relationship on a good note. This way, you can easily convince them to shop from your online store.


Leaving a Like or a Message on Social Media
Having a social media presence is a great way to drive your business, but constantly interacting with customers can be a tedious task. Inspire your customers to stay engaged with your brand by giving them additional points for leaving comments or a like on your social media pages.


Attending a Customer Appreciation Event
Most businesses host customer appreciation events each year to thank customers for purchasing from their store and staying loyal. Henceforth, show gratitude to customers who show up on your event by giving loyalty points.


Celebrating a Milestone
Celebrating a milestone like customers’ birthday or their first visit anniversary by gifting points is an effective way to show appreciation. For this purpose, you have to gather personal information from your customers. You can also give them points or discounts when your store reaches a milestone like celebrating the silver jubilee of your business.


Providing feedback
Customers’ feedback can help you look into your business’s strengths and shortcomings and enhance your customer engagement. Sometimes, encouraging customers to complete a survey can be challenging. In such a scenario, you can incentivize them with points for giving feedback and thus increase participation.


Final Words

Do you offer points for actions other than purchases to cheer your customers? If no, explore our customer loyalty program software now and start giving them pleasure in the form of points for performing actions.

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