CheerMe integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms to help you maximize the power of your loyalty program.

Our Integrations

Shopify is a leading multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-scaled businesses. CheerMe has partnered with Shopify to power up your reward program.

Magento empowers plenty of retailers and brands with the best e-commerce platforms. Our partnership with Magento can help you supercharge your online store with more sales..

BigCommerce is a flexible e-commerce platform for emerging and established brands. CheerMe has collaborated with BigCommerce to make the loyalty program a huge part of your success journey.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin designed for SMEs using WordPress. Leveraging our collaboration with WordPress, you can make the most of your customer loyalty program.

Wix is a cloud-based development platform having millions of users worldwide. Our collaboration with Wix can help you join the world’s fastest-growing brands.

About Us

CheerMe allows you to create a fully-customized, tier-based loyalty program and build an emotional connection with customers through surprise and delight. With this program, you can provide customers access to greater benefits and rewards and thus encourage them to spend and engage more to reach the next tier level.