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Four Kickass Ways to Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program

So you have a rocking customer loyalty program in place and are all set to skyrocket your sales. But do you know how you can encourage more customers to participate in your program? If no, then it is time to spread the news. Yes, you heard it right. You need to promote your reward program, and here we have shed light on four kickass ways to do so.


Send an Announcement via Email or SMS


Notify your potential customers about your reward program by sending an email or text message


In your email, make sure to highlight the signup points in the subject line and body to explain how they can win those points. Here is an example:


Subject: Get 25 points on your next visit!

Hey (Customer_Name),

XYZ company is excited to announce that we are offering exclusive reward points to our special audience.

Next time you visit our website or app, make sure to sign up to instantly get 25 points as your reward.

See you soon!


XYZ Company


On the other hand, a text message has fewer words, so mention the reward points straight away and quickly explain how to get it. Here is an example:


Want to win 25 points straight away? Don’t forget to sign up next time you visit our website. For more info, visit


Offer Referral Incentives


Customers who get signup rewards love to share the news with friends and family. Giving customers more rewards for sharing your website or app with their kith and kins will encourage them to spread a word about your brand wherever they go. Thus, the referral incentives will draw in more happy customers to your online store.


Promote your Loyalty Program on your Website


Some customers spend time browsing various products on your website, but don’t buy anything. Motivate them to make purchases by announcing your reward program on your online store. For this purpose, you can post a banner on your website’s homepage and create a separate landing page explaining your loyalty program.


Leverage Social Media Platforms


Since social media posts with images garner a lot of engagement, announcing your loyalty program on platforms like Instagram and Facebook using killer graphics can help you drive more customers to your online store. But make sure to include your reward structure and highlight your signup reward in the image.


However, Twitter is limited to fewer words, so adding important information like signup rewards can help you catch customers’ attention and encourage them to visit your website or app.


Final Words

Following these proven ways, you can easily increase your sign up rate as well as customer participation rate. You might have noticed that each of these reward program promotional ways seem somehow repetitive, having much of the same words or phrases. This is because customers need to see or hear something repetitively before they remember it and take an action.


If you haven’t launched a reward program yet but planning to give your customers a reason to stick around, sign up for free on our customer loyalty program software without any second thought.

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