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How to Generate Coupons in Your WooCommerce Store?

Coupons generation is the most imperative process for a loyalty program. Without generating coupons, you can’t let your customers redeem exclusive rewards, which can change their purchasing decision. This is why CheerMe has made this process easier than ever. Now, you can easily generate coupons in two ways:

  • Import CSV File: You can generate bulk coupons in your WooCommerce store and manually import them to the CheerMe Admin Panel via a CSV file.

  • Rest API: You can generate bulk coupons in your WooCommerce store, which will automatically be imported to CheerMe Admin Panel. For this, you need to enter WooCommerce Rest API details in CheerMe Admin Panel. Below, we have explained a complete guide on generating coupons using Rest API.

Step-By-Step Guide on Generating Coupons Using Rest API

1. Open your WordPress Dashboard, Select “WooCommerce” from the sidebar and Go to “Settings”.

2. Select Settings > Advanced > REST API > Add Key, as shown in the screenshot.

3. Add a “Description”, Change “Permissions” from Read to Write using the dropdown, and Click “Generate API Key”. The “User” bar will have a default Username.

4. After generating the API Key, Copy “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” key.

5. Go to CheerMe Admin Panel > Settings > Account Setting, Enter the copied keys in the respective fields, and Click “Save API Key”.

6. Now Go to Points > Rewards and Click “Add Reward”.

7. Add the required reward details in the fields and Click “Generate Coupons” to add coupon details.

8. Enter the required coupon details in the fields and Click “Generate Coupon” to successfully generate your coupon.

Following this guide, you can quickly generate coupons to allow your customers get the most of your loyalty program. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us at connect@cheerme.io.

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