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How to Increase Appointments with a Customer Loyalty Program

When we discuss loyalty rewards, we probably talk about biggies like Flipkart and Myntra but ignore local, service-based businesses like beauty & salons, massage parlors, or vehicle service centers where we visit more often. Today, these small businesses are progressively launching eCommerce loyalty programs as it is an excellent way to increase appointments and keep customers happy. They use the customers’ contact info gathered during the signup process to let them know the points or rewards they can win by booking more appointments.


If you’re also running a service-based business and want to encourage customers to make more appointments through your loyalty program, here are three ways:


Ways to Increase Appointments with a Customer Loyalty Program:


Include Value-Added Benefits for Multiple Appointments


A loyalty program is set up to reward frequent customers. The more they spend, the better rewards they get. You can take this concept to another level by rewarding customers who make several appointments at once for a month or two.


For example, customers who book two salon appointments in a month earn 20 points (you can decide how much discount they will get against these points). The idea is to incentivize customers to encourage them to book more than one appointment in a set period.


Host a Flash Sale Event during Slow Months


Every business has a few slow months every year. In the e-commerce world, when these months arrive, a store can host a flash sale to offer massive discounts for a short period.


Service-based businesses can adopt this approach to achieve their sales goals. For instance, customers of a salon business who have 200 points can purchase their favorite beauty product at 25% off.


You can also host your sale event and promote it by sending a text message or an email using the contact list from your loyalty program.


Send Reminders


Sometimes customers are busy, and they just need a reminder to book an appointment. By accessing data though your customer loyalty program software, you can analyze customers’ behavior and create reminder campaigns for specific segments.


For example, a beauty salon might have a customer segment that only makes appointments at the end of the month to get a haircut. They can create a reminder campaign for this segment to remind them to make an appointment and earn 200 points.


You might be wondering why you don’t just send these reminders to every customer on your list. Reports say that segmented email campaigns get 64.78% more open rates than non-segmented. So, segmentation is the key!


Final Words


These are some of the proven ways to increase appointments leveraging customer loyalty program. In this blog, we have given examples of a beauty salon, but reward programs are not just limited to this business sector. You can also improve the booking rate of your service-based business by launching your own eCommerce loyalty program.

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